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Shipcare, founded in April 2015, has developed itself into a specialist of cargo securing and unsecuring by means of welding and cutting on sea-going vessels. With our fully equipped service trucks we assist our clients wherever necessary. Our range sits in the region Belgium, France, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. However, we will go wherever we are required, 365 days a years – 7 days a week – 24 hrs a day as flexibility is key in our industry. As we build up experience with all types of cargo such as windmills, transformers, oil and gas equipment, factory parts and much more, you can rely on us to safely secure and unsecure your cargo. Keeping up with the latest regulations and innovations, we provide the highest standards of safety and quality.

Why Choose Us?

Since the start in 2015, Shipcare has developed itself into specialists for the lashing and securing of project cargo and heavy lifts by means of welding and cutting operations. Backed up by a large stock of steel and stoppers in different sizes, we can deploy several teams on a short notice. On the other hand we also offer repairs and maintenance to seagoing vessels.


Our welders are professionals in every aspect of securing your cargo ; grinding, welding, safety awareness and measurements. All of them are certified for both electrode and wire welding. We bring our own power source, welding machines, etc. in order to guarantee swift and smooth welding operations.


Our men of steel are also well trained for cutting and grinding / unwelding / unsecuring your cargo. We can do this by following means;

We always bring our own power and air source, cutting equipment, etc. to have smooth operations.


Being familiar with all kinds of cargo, we know what is needed to safely secure your cargo. We can assist with delivering whatever securing material or equipment you need.

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