Ship Repair

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Engine work

Pipe work

Lifeboat testing

Thermic cutting

Cargo gear

Cargo lashing


Load testing

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Construction Work

HULL 1-930

Hull Repair

Underwater services


Propeller polishing

Underwater inspection

Underwater welding

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Propeller repairs

Ship Repair

We are an allround, flexible marine services workshop located in the port of Antwerp. We are specialized in all afloat repairs and offer a 24/7 hrs service. Our mobile teams are dedicated to carry out a fast and maximum cost effective repair in the ports of Antwerp, Zeebrugge, Ghent, Rotterdam, Flushing. If needed we can send our teams onboard to perform the repairs during the voyage. We have the possibility to offer repair berths. Next to the repairs and marine services, we also do industrial works such as steel and construction works for our industrial clients.

Marine Services

Our services include the following ; general ship repair, all kinds of maintenance, all welding works with our certified welders, pipe repairs and renewals, general rigging works, repairs of winches, replacement of anchors and chains, mechanical repairs and maintenance of main and auxiliary engine, pumps, compressors and hydraulics. Besides this we also perform diving works and underwater ship repair, these are being tackled by our own in-house divers on a very regular base. Propeller polishings, all kinds of surveys, hull repairs, etc… are day-to-day business. Our divers are also available for all kinds of industrial diving works.


We find it very important to be fast and flexible , especially when combining this with high quality craftsmanship. Of course we don’t wish you any damages, but if anything happens, we will be there for you. In case of emergency you can contact us at our 24/7 number +32 3 540 03 20. For inquiries about marine services you can send us an e-mail at or via the contact form on our contact page. We will contact you as soon as possible. Our workshop can be found in Antwerp.

  • Samsung: BWMS and SSAS-PRO

    Since 2013 we are an official sales and service agent for the BWMS maker Samsung Heavy Industries. In cooperation with Techelec BVBA we take care of their sales and servicing in the Benelux, France, Germany and Denmark.

  • Harsonic

    Harsonic ensures that your vessel remains free of marine growth. By using ultrasound waves we avoid the initial step of marine growth in order to ensure maximum fuel efficiency and a huge reduction in your maintenance costs.

  • Anodes

    Are you willing to renew some anodes ? Be it either zinc or aluminium, we can offer you a wide range of cathodic protection. Even tailor made anodes can be offered upon request.

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