Super diamond propeller polishing

Thousands of dollars are lost annually due to bad propeller efficiency. A super diamond propeller polishing can give you an immediate fuel savings of 3% – 8%.

Compared with a propeller polishing during dry docking there are only benefits for the underwater repair of your propeller:

  • with our propeller polishing equipment we can complete the biggest propellers in approximately 8 hours, which is faster because of the wet environment.
  • there is no scaffolding involved, which reduces a serious cost of money and time.
  • no risk of interference with a tight dry docking schedule.

For tankers we advise to use the “water propulsed” super diamond propeller polishing equipment (we make a temporary connection with the vessel’s deck wash line to obtain propulsion) in order to ensure maximum safety. Tankers and powerpacks aren’t a good combination when the vessel is loading/unloading…!