Underwater Hull Repairs

Longueville has an approved underwater hull repair procedure for shell plating repairs, afloat. This procedure entails installing and welding a new insert plate and using watertight cofferdams.

The above method has been used several times, even on shaped forms, such as turn of bilge keels, etc.
By fitting an external cofferdam, a dry environment is created to allow access for our certified welders. This technique has received class approval as a permanent repair, without imposing a condition of class on the vessel.
We have a large stock of specially designed and in-house fabricated cofferdams. When required, we can fabricate tailor-made cofferdams to accommodate any size or shape necessary. Even overboard and inlet pipes can be repaired in this way.

  • Permanent hull repairs – above and below the waterline
  • Temporary hull repairs – above and below the waterline
  • Emergency repairs – above and below the waterline
  • Crack arresting