Stagings erected

Water Ballast Tank cracks resulting in 16 inserts

On Sunday morning  we received a phone call from a car carrier’s captain. The vessel was changing classifications and while inspecting the WBT’s they found some severe cracks in water ballast tank nr. 1. Urgent action was required and a team was mobilized to start the repairs on monday morning.

We received the classifications’ list. 16 inserts to be done in water ballast tank nr. 1. All necessary measurements were taken and steel plates could be fabricated in our workshop. Meanwhile a team already started the cutting works in order to speed up the repairs as the vessel had to leave on next Saturday.

Staging was erected in order to perform the works on frame 175 ( about 6 meters ). Our cranetruck delivered all the steel plates on board. Once installed properly, welding works could start.

Works were performed under full supervision and to the satisfaction of the captain and attending class surveyor.


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Salvage pipe

During cargo operations on a breakbulk terminal ( In Antwerp ) a large pipe fell into the water.
Such pipe can be of great danger to nearby vessel traffic, this means the pipe had to be salvaged as soon as possible.

Locating the pipe was another issue. Therefore we have sonar equipment available in order to locate the pipe. After searching for a while, we succeeded to locate the pipe and thus our diver went in to install the slings around the pipe.

With the assistance of the shorecrane we managed to hoist the pipe back onshore.

Our diving team takes care of diving works and several salvages such as;

  • cars
  • pipes
  • steel plates
  • forklifts
  • mobile cranes



Marine Services

Marine Services

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