Anchor installation and repair

A Greek customer honored us with an order for the installation of his new anchor and to repair the old one.
After the successful installation of the old one, we also succeeded to repair the old one.

The old anchor was tested for cracks as a result of the damages. No cracks were found and we could start repairing the anchor.
After heating up and straightening we managed to get the anchor back in it’s original shape. Once again the anchor was tested for cracks and once again she passed the test.



Cargo crane repair

Due to severe damage by stevedoring, our Greek customer had to repair his crane jib.  After inspection we’ve found some several steel damages, pins which got stuck, piston damaged and much more.

In cooperation with our client and classification, we decided to remove the crane jib, allowing the vessel to sail to her next port. In meantime, we could perform all the steel repairs, ultra thermic cutting, and renew hydraulics etc… in order to get the jib back in shape!

Upon the next call to the port of Antwerp, the repairs were finished and the crane jib could be re-installed by our technicians. Once the jib got tested by means of load testing etc… the vessel was ready to sail again.



Steel works

All kinds of steel works

With our own in-house certified welders and cutters we tackle any steel work, be it big or small. Shipcare is routinely asked to perform the following steel works :

  • steel repairs after a big collision, permanent hull repair, temporary hull repair, emergency repairs
  • rudder repairs
  • stevedore damages
  • hatch cover repairs
  • repairs to structure and hull
  • customised repairs