Steel ship repair in the port of Antwerp

Yesterday morning a client requested us to attend one of their tankers in the port of Antwerp. Vessel noted hull damage on the aft due to contact with the jetty. In only one hour our team attended the vessel in the port of Antwerp to discuss the ship repairs with the captain and class society.

Class surveyor, Owner and our Supervisor decided to carry out a temporary steel ship repair because of the vessel going into dry dock next week. The necessary doubling plates were fabricated in our workshop in the port of Antwerp and transported alongside the vessel. Doubling plates were installed by our mobile repair team and fully welded.

The vessel could sail again only 30 hours after the owner contacted us. We also have to thank the terminal and port authorities which made it possible to perform the ship repairs as planned. And of course, last but not least we have to thank the ship’s crew who gave our mobile repair squad a small ‘present’. Also the agent, which assisted us before, during and after the works! Many thanks to all! Working during the night, in the pouring rain. I don’t have to explain why, but this was much appreciated by our team.

We have to thank the ship’s crew for the sandwiches ( made during the night ! ). And when we meet again we will bring you some nice Belgian waffles!