Lifeboat testing, life raft and rescue boats/davit testing

Our load testing systems have been specifically designed and fabricated to obtain an evenly distributed load inside the lifeboat. Water lifeboat bags allow easy handling and transportation compared to solid weights or traditional sandbags especially in totally enclosed lifeboats, resulting in minimum downtime for equipment under test. Controlled lifeboat testing consists of loading, unloading, and minimal handling of the test load whom are achieved in a safe manner.

A control manifold can be used for filling the lifeboat bags remotely, so personnel don’t have to be inside the craft under test. The water bags are well within the accuracy required by certifying authorities. Upon completion of the test, the water can be removed from the bags by means by remotely operated pumps.

Water lifeboat testing bags

50 kg test bags
Using our special testing arrangement and suspension frame, an accurate testing weight is achieved, well within the accuracy required by certifying authorities. Multiple bags can be filled simultaneously by means of a control manifold and pumps. Testing of accommodation ladders is also possible with this type of bags.

375 kg test bags
Water bags of 375 kg can be filled inside the lifeboat remotely. These water bags can be used when the winch system cannot recover the lifeboat under full proof load condition. On completion of the test the water can be pumped out of the bags remotely for easy and safe operation purposes.

Lifeboat davit testing

Lifeboat davits can be tested in several ways depending on the circumstances. Specially designed bags can be used for suspended loads on the davit hooks. The test load will be always measured with certified load cells for an accuracy load. Also a special fabricated test pontoon can be brought alongside on the quay or waterside for testing purposes and filled and drained remotely.

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