Harsonic® ” Get rid of the marine growth! “

Harsonic ensures that your vessel remains free of marine growth. By using ultrasound waves we avoid the initial step of marine growth in order to ensure maximum fuel efficiencyand a huge reduction in your maintenance costs. By using Harsonic you don’t need hull cleaning anymore.

Harsonic for boxcoolers

Harsonic ® offers you the whole package to reduce the maintenance of your :

  1. Hulls
  2. Boxcoolers
  3. Propellers
  4. Water- and fueltank
  5. Offshore equipment

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Harsonic ® for the hull of vessels

A clean hull is extremely important! Fouling is an annoying problem which reduces speed, increases fuel consumption and causes corrosion damage. No need to say why this is a problem for many ship owners.

The current solutions are often not effective and harm the environment.

Harsonic® avoids the initial step of the fouling called BIOFILM. Eliminating this BIOFILM prevents the development and the attachment of barnacles, mussels, oysters and algae.

Fouling can negatively affect the fuel efficiency, speed and cause increased maintenance costs to remove the fouling. Fouling attached to the hull for too long can damage the paint and cause deterioration.

Harsonic ® for boxcoolers

On a seagoing vessel there is a lot of cooling required. This is done by bringing seawater into the vessel trough the sea chest and then use it for cooling. In principle, a boxcooler is a pipe bundle, as known from tubular heat exchangers, which is put directly in the seawater. At all times, there is water around the tubes of the boxcooler, thus meaning that box coolers are always a potential fouling victim.

Barnacles, mussels, algae and other types of shellfish grow on the tubes of the boxcooler and thus affect its heat transfer function.

After a chemical or heated treatment, the biofilm will grow back immediately. So when the cooling is not sufficient anymore, the boxcooler has to be removed, cleaned and brought back into operation.
Another option is the cathodic protections which are rather expensive and don’t always offer the required no growth warranty.

Harsonic ®  for boxcoolers protects the boxcooler 24/7 on a low voltage. The sea chest and cooling tubes remain free of growth and biofilm. 

Harsonic ®  for boxcoolers;

  1. Increase of cooling efficiency and improved reliability
  2. Substantial savings on maintenance costs
  3. Avoids the use of chemicals and protects the environment

Harsonic ® for propellers

A propeller is exposed to all sorts of attacks underwater, such as rusting and adhesions of the sea. It deserves special attention as it is one of the key pieces of the ship’s propulsion system. A propeller in bad condition is a disaster. Increase of fuel inefficiency is just one of the results.

To protect the propeller of your lady, Harsonic® for propellers should be installed.

Harsonic ® for fueltank / watertanks

The fuel on commercial ships is continuously re-circulated and exposed to extreme pressure and heat, which results in the agglomeration of asphaltenes. It leads to the formation of larger and larger clusters and solids, which are very hard to combat. These solids may grow so big that they will not pass through the filter element. Eventually they’ll become part of the polymer and sludge build up plugging the filter.

More than 90% of the debris on filter elements and the sludge in our tanks is organic material: fuel and oil breakdown residue. Adding biocide does not help! In most cases, this debris is acidic and not good for your engine. It causes corrosion in injectors, pumps and storage tanks. In addition, the hot fuel coming back to the tank will raise the fuel temperature in the tank, cause condensation and contribute to microbial contamination, fuel break down, bio fouling and the build up of sludge and acid.

Fuel systems, in general, are designed to return a significant proportion of the fuel not used for combustion back to the tank. This return fuel is very hot and will promote polymerization and fuel breakdown. Eventually, more and more solids from the tank will reach the filter and over time, plug the filter. These problems continuously occur in commercially operated engines. In most cases, the tanks “appear to be clean”. However, a 2-micron filter element does not last very long, in general 15,000 miles or less. It should be 30,000 miles or more. In the marine industry filter changes of 400 hours is in many instances standard operating procedures, while filters should easily last 1,000 hours or more. The inorganic material like sand, dust and other particles will not cause your filters to clog.

Harsonic® for gas oil tanks ;

  1. Less loss of engine power
  2. Less excess of engine smoke
  3. No more slimy / dirty / clogged fuel filters
  4. Environmentally safe and friendly
  5. Very low power consumption

Harsonic ® for offshore

Harsonic® avoids growth of biofilm-producing bacteria and fungi and biocorrosion in hydraulic- and lubrication oil systems in offshore installations and ships. By means of Harsonic® there is a much greener and efficient solution than ionization or cathodic systems.

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