Your Official Supplier for Zinc Anodes

Longueville is now an offical supplier for zinc anodes. We’ve been using them for years in our daily repairs and constructions. Now you can get them with us in Antwerp, in a standard size or custom-made. The main value for zinc anodes is their effectiveness the battle against corrosion.

What is corrosion?

Corrosion is the destruction of a material caused by a chemical or electrochemical reaction with its environment.
This interaction between different materials and the environment is influenced by the different electrical potentials of the metallic parts, temperatures, concentrations, etc and the result is corrosion – basically the deterioration on the metal’s surface due to electrical, chemical or mechanical events that occurs. Sacrificial Zinc anodes can protect your vessel / construction against corrosion.

Where to put your zinc anodes ?

Anodes are produced in different shapes and sizes, depending on the size of the areas to protect. Metallic parts of the vessel must be in contact with an anode for which bolts are used or connection cables or simply welded to the steel.
On the external part of the vessel, the anodes must always be placed on a parallel position on the longitudinal length of the ship, thus obtaining the maximum performance of CP and keeping the drag on the ship’s movement to a minimum.
The zinc anodes are to be installed along the wet surface of the hull, above and below the balance keels, and in higher number around the stern due to the high density of current originated by the propeller’s movement.
The intake tanks must be protected as well using anodes of our NT series.
CP protection on a ship is obtained with Zinc anodes applied to protect the following external and internal parts:

» Stern, rudder and axle
» Hull
» Boxes and sea valves
» Propellers
» Ballast tanks
» Machinery, hydraulic groups, etc

Amongst the elements which require special protection are:

» Propeller and Transmission shaft
» Metallic rudders
» Metallic keels
» Flaps of motor boats

Which zinc anodes do you need?

The most hull and tank anodes are mentioned in our catalog, but we also make custom designs upon request.

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