Water Ballast Tank cracks resulting in 16 inserts

On Sunday morning  we received a phone call from a car carrier’s captain. The vessel was changing classifications and while inspecting the WBT’s they found some severe cracks in water ballast tank nr. 1. Urgent action was required and a team was mobilized to start the repairs on monday morning. We received the classifications’ list. […]

Renewal of hinges on a car carrier’s aft ramp

After careful consideration of the vessel’s manager, we have been appointed the renewal of the aft ramp’s hinges. Due to calling African ports with a lot of swells, the ramp has been exposed to huge forces. As a result severe cracks were found in the ship’s hull. After several meetings between the attending class surveyor, […]

Starboard anchor installation on a tanker

On Friday We received the order confirmation from a trusted customer to carry out an anchor installation with 11 lengths on starboard side. All necessary equipment (heating equipment, hydraulic jacking tools, fitting tools, rigging materials, …) were loaded on our truck and all needed permits were taken care of. On Saturday morning Our foreman and the […]

Disconnection and installation of mixer in aeration tank

On Thursday evening 31/10 we were contacted to carry out an urgent diving  intervention to replace a damaged mixer under water in an aeration tank.  This served to be carried out as soon as possible because the aeration tank needs to be in full working order.  Thursday night we have arranged a dive team to […]

Steel ship repair in the port of Antwerp

Yesterday morning a client requested us to attend one of their tankers in the port of Antwerp. Vessel noted hull damage on the aft due to contact with the jetty. In only one hour our team attended the vessel in the port of Antwerp to discuss the ship repairs with the captain and class society. Class surveyor, Owner and […]