Port repairs

Last months, we have been contacted by several shipowners to perform port repairs in the port of Antwerp, Ghent, Flushing, Zeebrugge and Rotterdam.

From a small insert plate, renewal of SW pipes, up-to rigging in and out rampwires for a fleet carcarriers and major insert plates and steel repairs. We also performed some voyage repairs; fe. voyage repairs was carried out from Antwerp to Rotterdam and back for some steel repairs ( Panama chock had been damaged and had to be repaired ).
And many more repairs were carried out in good order.

And off course our divers had good repairs as well. Several propeller polishings were carried out, In water surveys and inspections were made, some yachts were lifted, overboards got plugged, … .

We, Shipcare, are always searching the most attractive solution. Timeframe, quality and flexibility are the keywords in our company.

Whenever needed, we are at your disposal to quote for your planned repairs and off course for every emergency case. Contact us by  mail or by phone.