Hull repair in Antwerp

During the summer we had to quote for some steel repairs for one of our good customers.
The vessel had some hull damage ( dentition ) and wasn’t allowed to sail anymore.

In these times ship repairs have to be performed very smoothly and as fast as possible.
The moment that our client placed the order we started preparing everything as much as we could.

Victory loves preparation!

We prepared the new insert, longitudinals, floor plating and more. As our trucks were loaded with our equipment we were ready to start the steel repairs. When the vessel arrived during the week at the Lay-by-berth / Repair berth in Antwerp ( which was arranged by us ) we came alongside in order to start the steel work.

After cutting out the damaged parts, the installing of the new parts could begin. The assistance of the ship’s crane made life easier and of course saved some money for our partner. Last but not least our certified welders finished the job by welding the new insert. NDT tests were performed and our certified welders passed the test ; the vessel could safely sail to its next port.