Water Ballast Tank cracks resulting in 16 inserts

On Sunday morning  we received a phone call from a car carrier’s captain. The vessel was changing classifications and while inspecting the WBT’s they found some severe cracks in water ballast tank nr. 1. Urgent action was required and a team was mobilized to start the repairs on monday morning.

We received the classifications’ list. 16 inserts to be done in water ballast tank nr. 1. All necessary measurements were taken and steel plates could be fabricated in our workshop. Meanwhile a team already started the cutting works in order to speed up the repairs as the vessel had to leave on next Saturday.

Staging was erected in order to perform the works on frame 175 ( about 6 meters ). Our cranetruck delivered all the steel plates on board. Once installed properly, welding works could start.

Works were performed under full supervision and to the satisfaction of the captain and attending class surveyor.


Are you facing problems / challenges and do you need some steel work to be done ? Do not hesitate to contact us for a quotation.

Renewal of hinges on a car carrier’s aft ramp

After careful consideration of the vessel’s manager, we have been appointed the renewal of the aft ramp’s hinges.
Due to calling African ports with a lot of swells, the ramp has been exposed to huge forces.

As a result severe cracks were found in the ship’s hull.

After several meetings between the attending class surveyor, superintendent and our supervisor a repair procedure was agreed and final repairs could start.

Starboard anchor installation on a tanker

On Friday

We received the order confirmation from a trusted customer to carry out an anchor installation with 11 lengths on starboard side. All necessary equipment (heating equipment, hydraulic jacking tools, fitting tools, rigging materials, …) were loaded on our truck and all needed permits were taken care of.

On Saturday morning
Our foreman and the team of fitters drove the truck with the necessary equipment from our workshop at Antwerp to the loading berth of the pontoon in the port of Antwerp. All new 11 lengths of the anchor chain, anchor, swivel and patent shackles, etc. were unloaded from the truck(s) on to our pontoon (70 x 22 x 4 meter) by means of a mobile crane 80T.

-All anchor chain lengths flattened out on pontoon by means of mobile crane.
-All anchor chain lengths connected to each other by means of new patent shackles.
-All new securing pins installed inside new patent shackles and secured by lead (melted).
-New swivel connected between new anchor and last new length anchor chain.
-Securing pins installed inside and secured by lead (melted).

On Saturday evening
We also collected one motor at our workshop for transportation to the vessel (together with the anchor and anchor chains) for delivery on board, so the crew could exchange the motor of the mooring winch.

On Sunday
The motor and stores were loaded onto the pontoon by means of our crane truck.

On Monday evening
The pontoon shifted from the loading berth alongside the vessel by means of a work barge. The equipment was then installed and tested for good performance. Assistance was asked and delivered by our fitters to the ship’s crew for re-installation of the motor on the mooring winch.

-Emergency release from the bitter end and pin removed.
-Steel wire attached to mooring winch and lowered on deck of pontoon.
-First new anchor chain length connected with steel wire.
-First new anchor chain length hoisted on board by means of steel wire and mooring winch.
-New chain installed over chain nest of anchor winch, chain temporary secured.
-1 part of new anchor chain lowered into chain locker.
-Anchor chain brought into position of emergency release by means of chain blocks inside chain locker.
-Connecting pin re installed and fastened with securing pin of emergency release system.
-Steel wire removed.
-All new lengths anchor chain hoisted on board by means of anchor winch.
-New anchor hoisted in to hawse pipe by means of anchor winch.
-Work barge and pontoon shifted back to its mooring berth.

On Tuesday
Several stanchions were re installed in place and fully welded onto the pontoon and it was a job well done.

Steel ship repair in the port of Antwerp

Yesterday morning a client requested us to attend one of their tankers in the port of Antwerp. Vessel noted hull damage on the aft due to contact with the jetty. In only one hour our team attended the vessel in the port of Antwerp to discuss the ship repairs with the captain and class society.

Class surveyor, Owner and our Supervisor decided to carry out a temporary steel ship repair because of the vessel going into dry dock next week. The necessary doubling plates were fabricated in our workshop in the port of Antwerp and transported alongside the vessel. Doubling plates were installed by our mobile repair team and fully welded.

The vessel could sail again only 30 hours after the owner contacted us. We also have to thank the terminal and port authorities which made it possible to perform the ship repairs as planned. And of course, last but not least we have to thank the ship’s crew who gave our mobile repair squad a small ‘present’. Also the agent, which assisted us before, during and after the works! Many thanks to all! Working during the night, in the pouring rain. I don’t have to explain why, but this was much appreciated by our team.

We have to thank the ship’s crew for the sandwiches ( made during the night ! ). And when we meet again we will bring you some nice Belgian waffles!


Haven van Antwerpen

Shipcare lifting drydock door in the port of Antwerp

This project took place few years ago at a shipyard in Antwerp. They’ve chosen us to carry out the necessary diving works.
Feel free to take a look at this short movie. Images do tell more then words!

Anchor installation and repair

A Greek customer honored us with an order for the installation of his new anchor and to repair the old one.
After the successful installation of the old one, we also succeeded to repair the old one.

The old anchor was tested for cracks as a result of the damages. No cracks were found and we could start repairing the anchor.
After heating up and straightening we managed to get the anchor back in it’s original shape. Once again the anchor was tested for cracks and once again she passed the test.


Cargo crane repair

Due to severe damage by stevedoring, our Greek customer had to repair his crane jib.  After inspection we’ve found some several steel damages, pins which got stuck, piston damaged and much more.

In cooperation with our client and classification, we decided to remove the crane jib, allowing the vessel to sail to her next port. In meantime, we could perform all the steel repairs, ultra thermic cutting, and renew hydraulics etc… in order to get the jib back in shape!

Upon the next call to the port of Antwerp, the repairs were finished and the crane jib could be re-installed by our technicians. Once the jib got tested by means of load testing etc… the vessel was ready to sail again.


Crane repair

Rotterdam, the Netherlands, April 2012.

A famous crane manufacturer relied on the knowhow and experience of Longueville to assist one of their engineers during the repairs on one some of their heavy lift cranes. We’ve send some of our best men to assist the engineer to replace the holderbrackets on crane number 1 and 2. Our labour force stayed in Rotterdam during the entire period of the replacement ( ± 1 week ).

Since we already performed the same works for this manufacturer in Brest, France couple of months ago we could complete the repair in a very efficient way.

Because Longueville cooperates frequently with the German based manufacturer, we have built up a lot of experience with cranes ;

  • Steel repairs to your jib
  • Rigging out steel wires, rigging in new steel wires with our mobile reel machine
  • Repairs to hydraulic pistons
  • All kinds of repairs to your ships crane
  • Repairs to all of your cargo gear
  • All kinds of rigging works

Of course all repairs can be done in all major ports such as Antwerp, Ghent, Zeebrugge, Flushing, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Le Havre, Brest, Dunkerque, Hamburg, Bremerhaven and many more… .

Main engine maintenance in Antwerp

Last month we performed some main engine maintenance for one of our customers.
As our client and the classification requested, we had to open up the main engine for inspection.
Our shiprepairs department send our experienced engineers to the vessel in Antwerp immediately.

Since we often do main engine repairs, me overhauling, me maintenance and me troubleshooting, our team was able to respond quickly on the client’s request. Mechanical repairs and maintenance of your main and auxiliary engines can be done by Longueville!

The works were performed and another client was served within the expected timeframe.

Hull repair in Antwerp

During the summer we had to quote for some steel repairs for one of our good customers.
The vessel had some hull damage ( dentition ) and wasn’t allowed to sail anymore.

In these times ship repairs have to be performed very smoothly and as fast as possible.
The moment that our client placed the order we started preparing everything as much as we could.

Victory loves preparation!

We prepared the new insert, longitudinals, floor plating and more. As our trucks were loaded with our equipment we were ready to start the steel repairs. When the vessel arrived during the week at the Lay-by-berth / Repair berth in Antwerp ( which was arranged by us ) we came alongside in order to start the steel work.

After cutting out the damaged parts, the installing of the new parts could begin. The assistance of the ship’s crane made life easier and of course saved some money for our partner. Last but not least our certified welders finished the job by welding the new insert. NDT tests were performed and our certified welders passed the test ; the vessel could safely sail to its next port.