Ballast Water Treatment System

Samsung BWMS

PURIMAR™, Samsung Ballast Water Management System is a safe and eco-friendly system to meer IMO’s regulations, as it effectively eliminates organisms harmful to ecosystem and underwater environment. At the same time, it reduces active materials used in the process of sterilization process to the harmless level for environment and discharges them thereafter.

Why Samsung PURIMAR™ ?
Space-saving designSpace optimization, small footprint and easy installation
Non toxic by-productsNon hazardous material to be handled or stocked on board
Anti-corrosion & coating protectionNo corrosion problem in ballast tank and pipes
Cost savingLow power consumption & minimal maintenance
Automatic operationUser-friendly & optimized system as well as unified & total operation
Global supportQualifed world wide service network & single service contract

PURIMAR™, is the perfect system and optimal solution taking account of customers’ convenience first with integrated control trough SSAS and establishment of worldwide A/S network, as it not only contains optimal installation solutions by ship type but also it realizes maximization of space utilization trough modularization even in existing ships  where installation is limited, and it is possible to operate the system economically utilizing the low-power treatment method which innovatively saves power consumption by treating a porting of the ballast water, differently from other methods which treat the whole ballast water.

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