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Water Ballast Tank cracks resulting in 16 inserts

On Sunday morning  we received a phone call from a car carrier’s captain. The vessel was changing classifications and while inspecting the WBT’s they found some severe cracks in water ballast tank nr. 1. Urgent action was required and a team was mobilized to start the repairs on monday morning. We received the classifications’ list. […]

Renewal of hinges on a car carrier’s aft ramp

After careful consideration of the vessel’s manager, we have been appointed the renewal of the aft ramp’s hinges. Due to calling African ports with a lot of swells, the ramp has been exposed to huge forces. As a result severe cracks were found in the ship’s hull. After several meetings between the attending class surveyor, […]

Steel ship repair in the port of Antwerp

Yesterday morning a client requested us to attend one of their tankers in the port of Antwerp. Vessel noted hull damage on the aft due to contact with the jetty. In only one hour our team attended the vessel in the port of Antwerp to discuss the ship repairs with the captain and class society. Class surveyor, Owner and […]

Anchor installation and repair

A Greek customer honored us with an order for the installation of his new anchor and to repair the old one. After the successful installation of the old one, we also succeeded to repair the old one. The old anchor was tested for cracks as a result of the damages. No cracks were found and […]

Cargo crane repair

Due to severe damage by stevedoring, our Greek customer had to repair his crane jib.  After inspection we’ve found some several steel damages, pins which got stuck, piston damaged and much more. In cooperation with our client and classification, we decided to remove the crane jib, allowing the vessel to sail to her next port. […]

The port of Antwerp

The port of Antwerpen, where we are located, is also the port where we mainly carry out our activities. Nevertheless we also perform shiprepairs and diving works ( with our mobile repair teams / riding teams )  in other ports such as Zeebrugge, Ghent, Flushing, Rotterdam and many other ports. One day ago, we even […]

Port repairs

Last months, we have been contacted by several shipowners to perform port repairs in the port of Antwerp, Ghent, Flushing, Zeebrugge and Rotterdam. From a small insert plate, renewal of SW pipes, up-to rigging in and out rampwires for a fleet carcarriers and major insert plates and steel repairs. We also performed some voyage repairs; fe. voyage […]

Salvage pipe

During cargo operations on a breakbulk terminal ( In Antwerp ) a large pipe fell into the water. Such pipe can be of great danger to nearby vessel traffic, this means the pipe had to be salvaged as soon as possible. Locating the pipe was another issue. Therefore we have sonar equipment available in order […]

Crane repair

Rotterdam, the Netherlands, April 2012. A famous crane manufacturer relied on the knowhow and experience of Longueville to assist one of their engineers during the repairs on one some of their heavy lift cranes. We’ve send some of our best men to assist the engineer to replace the holderbrackets on crane number 1 and 2. Our labour […]