Starboard anchor installation on a tanker

On Friday

We received the order confirmation from a trusted customer to carry out an anchor installation with 11 lengths on starboard side. All necessary equipment (heating equipment, hydraulic jacking tools, fitting tools, rigging materials, …) were loaded on our truck and all needed permits were taken care of.

On Saturday morning
Our foreman and the team of fitters drove the truck with the necessary equipment from our workshop at Antwerp to the loading berth of the pontoon in the port of Antwerp. All new 11 lengths of the anchor chain, anchor, swivel and patent shackles, etc. were unloaded from the truck(s) on to our pontoon (70 x 22 x 4 meter) by means of a mobile crane 80T.

-All anchor chain lengths flattened out on pontoon by means of mobile crane.
-All anchor chain lengths connected to each other by means of new patent shackles.
-All new securing pins installed inside new patent shackles and secured by lead (melted).
-New swivel connected between new anchor and last new length anchor chain.
-Securing pins installed inside and secured by lead (melted).

On Saturday evening
We also collected one motor at our workshop for transportation to the vessel (together with the anchor and anchor chains) for delivery on board, so the crew could exchange the motor of the mooring winch.

On Sunday
The motor and stores were loaded onto the pontoon by means of our crane truck.

On Monday evening
The pontoon shifted from the loading berth alongside the vessel by means of a work barge. The equipment was then installed and tested for good performance. Assistance was asked and delivered by our fitters to the ship’s crew for re-installation of the motor on the mooring winch.

-Emergency release from the bitter end and pin removed.
-Steel wire attached to mooring winch and lowered on deck of pontoon.
-First new anchor chain length connected with steel wire.
-First new anchor chain length hoisted on board by means of steel wire and mooring winch.
-New chain installed over chain nest of anchor winch, chain temporary secured.
-1 part of new anchor chain lowered into chain locker.
-Anchor chain brought into position of emergency release by means of chain blocks inside chain locker.
-Connecting pin re installed and fastened with securing pin of emergency release system.
-Steel wire removed.
-All new lengths anchor chain hoisted on board by means of anchor winch.
-New anchor hoisted in to hawse pipe by means of anchor winch.
-Work barge and pontoon shifted back to its mooring berth.

On Tuesday
Several stanchions were re installed in place and fully welded onto the pontoon and it was a job well done.