History of an Antwerp Ship Repair Company

In 1882, Leopold Longueville started as a blacksmith in Antwerp and founded the Longueville Company. In that time the company also rendered ship repair services to numerous stevedoring and port transportation companies. Longueville was among the first to introduce and use the electric arc welding process! And this as early as the end of the nineteen-thirties. Soon Longueville supplied their mobile welding units to all major shipbuilders and performed all kinds of repair for numerous ship owners themselves. The blacksmith had built a ship repair company.


More than a century of succesfull ship repair business went by, and the company always stayed in the family. Harry Longueville, active in the ship repair business since the early nineteen eighties, broadened the scope of service capabilities. Being a professional commercial diver himself, he successfully combined diving with underwater repair, a rare thing among ship repair companies.

This in order to continue the general ship repairs and diving activities in port, afloat and off-shore and become the most complete ship repair company in Antwerp, and the North Sea.

From the 27 hectares premises, on which each entity is still operating individually and under its own name, the total synergy of ship repair companies is able to offer you the full range of marine repair services.

Our long-standing experience offers a solid basis for first class ship repairs and the highest standard of workmanship. Our motivated skilled workforce, fast, efficient and reliable, are ready to serve you 24 hours a day – 7 days a week – 365 days a year.