zinc anodes

Longueville becomes supplier for Zinc anodes!

From today the Longueville company is able to offer high quality zinc anodes. Offering protection against corrosion, zinc anodes are necessary for a lot of industries. That’s why zinc anodes are used for several applications for the marine, offshore and industry.

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Salvage pipe

During cargo operations on a breakbulk terminal ( In Antwerp ) a large pipe fell into the water.
Such pipe can be of great danger to nearby vessel traffic, this means the pipe had to be salvaged as soon as possible.

Locating the pipe was another issue. Therefore we have sonar equipment available in order to locate the pipe. After searching for a while, we succeeded to locate the pipe and thus our diver went in to install the slings around the pipe.

With the assistance of the shorecrane we managed to hoist the pipe back onshore.

Our diving team takes care of diving works and several salvages such as;

  • cars
  • pipes
  • steel plates
  • forklifts
  • mobile cranes



Crane repair

Rotterdam, the Netherlands, April 2012.

A famous crane manufacturer relied on the knowhow and experience of Longueville to assist one of their engineers during the repairs on one some of their heavy lift cranes. We’ve send some of our best men to assist the engineer to replace the holderbrackets on crane number 1 and 2. Our labour force stayed in Rotterdam during the entire period of the replacement ( ± 1 week ).

Since we already performed the same works for this manufacturer in Brest, France couple of months ago we could complete the repair in a very efficient way.

Because Longueville cooperates frequently with the German based manufacturer, we have built up a lot of experience with cranes ;

  • Steel repairs to your jib
  • Rigging out steel wires, rigging in new steel wires with our mobile reel machine
  • Repairs to hydraulic pistons
  • All kinds of repairs to your ships crane
  • Repairs to all of your cargo gear
  • All kinds of rigging works

Of course all repairs can be done in all major ports such as Antwerp, Ghent, Zeebrugge, Flushing, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Le Havre, Brest, Dunkerque, Hamburg, Bremerhaven and many more… .


Main engine maintenance in Antwerp

Last month we performed some main engine maintenance for one of our customers.
As our client and the classification requested, we had to open up the main engine for inspection.
Our shiprepairs department send our experienced engineers to the vessel in Antwerp immediately.

Since we often do main engine repairs, me overhauling, me maintenance and me troubleshooting, our team was able to respond quickly on the client’s request. Mechanical repairs and maintenance of your main and auxiliary engines can be done by Longueville!

The works were performed and another client was served within the expected timeframe.